Post-Tropical Cyclone Edouard (2020)
07/06 5:00 PM EDT - Edouard Becomes Post-tropical
42.7N 46W
Windspeed: 45 MPH - Pressure: 1005mb
Movement: Ne at 38 MPH
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Skeetobite NHC Storm Plot for Edouard
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Coordinate History

Adv# Date Lat Long Wind Pres Movement Type Name Received Forecaster
107/04 11:00 AM31.1N68.7W35MPH1009mbEne at 17 MPHTDTD#507/04 11:00 AMZelinsky
207/04 5:00 PM31.8N67.3W35MPH1007mbEne at 16 MPHTDTD#507/04 4:42 PMZelinsky
307/04 11:00 PM32.5N66.3W35MPH1008mbNe at 18 MPHTDTD#507/04 10:42 PMBlake
407/05 5:00 AM33.3N64.9W35MPH1008mbNe at 20 MPHTDTD#507/05 4:48 AMBeven
507/05 11:00 AM34.5N63.0W35MPH1008mbNe at 21 MPHTDTD#507/05 10:47 AMZelinsky
707/05 11:00 PM37.2N56.9W40MPH1008mbNe at 35 MPHTSEdouard07/05 10:45 PMBlake
907/06 11:00 AM40.8N50.0W45MPH1007mbNe at 37 MPHTSEdouard07/06 10:47 AMBrown
1007/06 5:00 PM42.7N46.0W45MPH1005mbNe at 38 MPHPTCEdouard07/06 4:45 PMZelinsky