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Moved to New News System
09:03 PM EDT - 10 May 2002 | No Comments

We have moved to the new news system, and updates will no longer occur on this page, nor will new talkbacks be allowed here.

Please use this link for the new system. Thanks!

- [mac]

Will this Be the Year?
10:23 PM EDT - 28 April 2002 | Fifty-seven Comments | Add Comment| Read Other People's Comments | Last 20 Comments
| Newest: 06:46 PM 05-10 EDT

Actually, for a major system the answer is probably not. But this does not forgoe the need for education and preperations on a possible major system. Once again I must state my distaste for general overhyping of hurricanes by media or elsewhere. It must be tempered with facts to balance it out.

Most of the time, storms will approach and turn away, most of the time what we do get will be relatively minor, but every once in a while (thankfully it is fairly rare) a major one, such as Andrew, does come by, and in these instances all of the preperation pays off. Educating yourself on what these storms can't do, and don't usually do is just as much important on what they can. People tend to focus on the destruction that these are capable of rather than what they usually do.

Hyping leads to apathy when something that really has the potential of causing havoc approaches. And once again this is more of a fear to me rather than the actual system itself. If a dangerous storm approached and most listened to the warnings, then the destruction and death would be kept to a minimum. On the other hand, if after a string of missed calls, people were apathetic or not watching and something did come along... even a lesser system (ie a cat 3 vs a 4) is capable of causing more widespread havoc then as far as people's lives are concerned.

Many people will ask, I'm going to visit Florida on such and such date... will a storm hit then? I tell them no, but always watch the weather, it could change. These events are rare usually. One strange year could have us seeing multiple bad storms, or we could go for a string of a decade or more without a massive one hitting. Our goal isn't to create hype, or tell you that this is THE YEAR. Our goal is to give you facts from various weather sources, and opinions from us and others, and let you decide.

We try to refrain from getting caught up "in the hype", but we won't downplay possibilities either. If you agree or disagree with what people are saying about a particular system, then this forum gives you a chance to state why. And in hopes, educate others and allow them the final decision. We always state to listed to the official sources first, but as a supplimental guide, you and I can help prepare everyone.

Thanks to all who have visited our site in the past 7 years. We are designing a new back end system to help manage the volume and the signal to noise ratio during the season. We have created off topic areas for those who talk and eventually go way off topic. Those who spam repeatedly the same message over and over will be removed, and everyone else can talk storms and learn, and have fun.


- [mac]

Season Getting Near
10:15 AM EDT - 16 April 2002 | One hundred twenty-five Comments | Add Comment| Read Other People's Comments | Last 20 Comments
| Newest: 10:35 PM 04-28 EDT

Hurricane season getting closer. With 128 posts on the last news article, I just want to thank you all for keeping this site active during the off season. 9PM - 21-Apr Update:

Our new news system is undergoing preliminary testing for the new season.. I'm making improvements to it over the next several weeks. Please Check it out and let us know... Link to new news system. We will be switching over to this near the start of the Hurricane Season. - mc

- [jc]

National Hurricane Conference 2002
09:29 AM EDT - 04 April 2002 | One hundred twenty-nine Comments | Add Comment| Read Other People's Comments | Last 20 Comments
| Newest: 12:50 PM 04-16 EDT

The National Hurricane Conference is going on this week here in Orlando, and one of the things to come out of it was the expectation of a rather average year (storm count wise), which I agree with.

It's been a while since a Major Hurricane has hit Florida now, it'll be 10 years since Andrew this season. Complacency may have set in among many, and I fear this may be the case again.

September 11th gave extra focus to Emergency Management, and I think they are about as reasonably prepared as the could be. The evacuation routes from the coastline are still very poor, and the road system in Central Florida can't handle normal work traffic well, much less a massive evacuation. They've talked about one-waying the main roads (I4/Turnpike/Beeline etc) during emergencies. But that requires a lot of manpower to make sure no "oopses" happen at the entrance on/off ramps.

I expect a different hurricane season this year... This doesn't mean more or even more landfalls, just storms in different places than we have seen in the last two years. I actually expect fewer this year.

Preperations for the new season are progressing slowly, but we'll get there. :)

- [mac]

The Next Two Months
04:50 PM EDT - 14 March 2002 | Fifty-six Comments | Add Comment| Read Other People's Comments | Last 20 Comments
| Newest: 07:25 PM 04-03 EDT

The next two months at Flhurricane, we'll be slowly moving over to the new 2002 look, which isn't all that different from the current one. We are changing the way talkback will work which will allow us to manage them better, and add a bunch of things for that.

The automated weather bits will change little, but we hope to have everything running by hurricane season.

Right now, we are still using the old system, and feel free to comment.

This season, I think, will be very different from the last few, so we hope to be ready.

Thanks everyone!

- [mac]

08:30 AM EDT - 24 February 2002 | Sixty-two Comments | Add Comment| Read Other People's Comments | Last 20 Comments
| Newest: 08:50 PM 03-12 EDT

On the 13th of March Jim Williams and Barometer Bob will be doing an audio broadcast on the 10th anniversary of the 1993 Storm of the Century. Check it out.

- [jc]

Central Florida Hurricane Center
02:48 PM EDT - 23 February 2002 | Three Comments | Add Comment| Read Other People's Comments | Newest: 10:01 PM 04-28 EDT

We are experiencing technical difficulties and will be back within a few days :)


Apologies to our good friends in Australia-- New South Wales, Sydney, (Yes including Hurstville and Rockdale). As I'm not sure how this is all involved? (We are checking the situation out)

Yes we blocked pretty much the entire country of Korea (I think the blue mountains are awesome) from accessing this site, at least for a bit. If somehow a two man weather hobbiest site is in any way related to the US Government or Olympics it might have been worth something.


BTW, we are not the official US government weather service, we are just individuals who like discussing it. :) Those looking for it can look here (http://www.nhc.noaa.gov.

- [jc]

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