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(Radar Sources)
(Radar Sources)
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[http://radar.weather.gov/ US Radar Sites]
[http://radar.weather.gov/ US Radar Sites]
[http://smn.cna.gob.mx/radares/cancun/rad-canc.gif Official Cancun Radar][http://smn.cna.gob.mx/radares/cancun/cancun.php Official Cancun Radar Loop]
[http://smn.cna.gob.mx/radares/cancun/rad-canc.gif Official Cancun Radar]/ [http://smn.cna.gob.mx/radares/cancun/cancun.php Official Cancun Radar Loop]
[http://www.cancunweathertoday.com/radar.php Unofficial Western Cuba Radar Loop]
[http://www.cancunweathertoday.com/radar.php Unofficial Western Cuba Radar Loop]

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Central Florida Hurricane Center Hurricane Data Links

Use this if you are searching for a certain type of data, for more generic sources and/or local sites, see the regular Links page.

Official Forecasts

National Hurricane Center


Good general reference

Skeetobite's Weather - storm tracks and forcasts; historical reference

CMISS - Environmental conditions, Saharan Air Layer, Steering Layers, Computerized Dvorak, Microwave imagery, Wind analysis, etc.

Tropical Atlantic Recon coverage - includes Vortex Recon, HDOB messages, and Dropsondes.

NOAA Dvorak classification

College of DuPage Weather - surface and upper air data; satellite and radar imagery; model data

Satellite Imagery

NOAA's SSD site - very good, simple to use with huricane floaters

NASA's GHCC GOES site - very good, fully customizable, long period animations

NOAA's QuikScat hurricane coverage

MODIS high res satellite coverage (not live)

Remote Sensing Systems (SSM/I, TMI, AMSR, QSCAT, and MSU) storm analysis

Tropical RAMSDIS online - satellite coverage

PSU - satellite loops

Washington University - alternative site, but very difficult to use

Radar Sources

US Radar Sites

Official Cancun Radar/ Official Cancun Radar Loop

Unofficial Western Cuba Radar Loop

KML/KMZ Layers for Google Earth

CMISS IR Satellite Feed

Aircraft Recon, via Tropical Atlantic

US River Height Gauges (this is an auto-refresh wrapper for the non-refreshing KMZ from NOAA)

Everything-in-once package from UIUC - just about every weather KMZ is dynamically linked from this. Don't turn them all on at once.

Forecasting Aids

Model Run Animations

FSU model site - best there is

PSU model site - alternate when FSU is down

UKMET model site (Univ. Wyoming)

NOAA's NCEP model guidance - continental US only

Development and Evolution

Tropical Cyclone Formation Probabilities - via NOAA

FSU cyclone phase

Favorable Shear Conditions Map

List of active Invests

Forecast Tracks

Jonathan Vigh's track and intensity plots

Clark Evan's track and intensity plots

SFWMD track plots

SFWMD Recon Tracks - NHC Forecast Track vs Recon Positions

Sea Surface Temperatures

Navy site - very good


Rutgers site - Good alternative site if the others sites is down; also provides more detailed views


StormSurfing - General Surfing Forecast (wave heights)

Historical Maps

NOAA interactive viewer of storm tracks - very good

Worldwide storm tracks - shows actual wind speed rather than category

Atlantic storm tracks by year


Katrina's eye

Isabel's eye (example of Mesovortices)

Dvorak reference


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