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Hurricane Victim Donations

This page is for donating to flhurricane.com, For those looking to help hurricane victims, look at Florida Disaster.org and Volunteerflorida.org

Flhurricane Donations

Flhurricane.com needs more bandwidth, and infastructure and ohter upgrades to maintain itself. This can get very expensive during the active season, so I'm requesting donations at the moment. (The service will remain free and adless as long as possible) All donations will go straight to hardware upgrades or bandwidth costs for flhurricane.com to ensure downtime is minimal.

Average cost per month ranges from $100 in the off season to well over $2000 during peak events (Such as a major hurricane US landfall event).

Use this to donate with Paypal,

 Those asking for a mailing address for donations should use * New as of August 1 2006 *
Michael Cornelius
5068 Ernst Ct
Orlando, FL 32819

Please make check Payable to Mike Cornelius, a few came in for the Central Florida Hurricane Center, which is not set up in any official capacity currently and I was unable to accept them.

Thank You

Long Island Phil, Ed Dunham, Skeetobite, Daniel W, Hank Frank, and Storm Cooper for helping moderate the site when it became too overwhelming. All are new moderators too, such as TPratch, Colleen Atwater, Also thanks to everyone who offered help in the bandwidth department but was unable to use or otherwise set up.

Christine Hahn for the overall site graphical design for 2005

Jonathon Grant (Skeetobite) for the Maps and general assistance

Jason Karol (Londovir) and Andy Bivona for the Recon Decoder

Ken "Radium" Stumpf (formerly SomethingAwful.com) for advice on database optimizations and general forum goodness during high load situations.

Joseph Johnston for the Mobile Webcam.

Richard A. Davis for the St. Petersburg Webcam.

Thanks to the following for distributing the bandwidth when we got absolutely hammered during 2004 by running site mirrors:

Shawn W. at breakdownmedia, Walter Billings with Tele-Connection Web Services, and George Zimmerman with Zimmerman Development, sidetrips.com, Jason Kelley,

Our met bloggers (They volunteer to do this, thank them!)

Ed Dunham Clark Evans Jason Kelley Hank Frank "Typhoon Tip" SNONUT


Daniel, Steve, Phil, Coop, Hank, Colleen, Todd Pratch, Steve

Other Websites

Jim Williams/Hurricane City for assistance when needed.

Online Chat

Andy Bivona and Falconr for chat moderation

Site Donators


James T. - "Madmumbler" - Steve H. - Robert H. - Lawrence C. - Edith M. - Lynwood H.


Lynwood H. - Maurice P. - Steven I. - "MadMumbler" - Craig M. - InnerVision Studios - Karen H. - Barbara O. - Michael J. - Elizabeth D.

Richard C. - Anne K. - John G. - Jane K. - Martha R. - Sue M. - Scott P. - Wendy G. - Advanced Automotive Repair of Cape Coral

Diana P. - William D. - James T. - James T. - James T. - James T. - Rich U. - Charles C. - Carol G. - David K. - Michael S. - Damian L.

Karen C. - Bryan C. - Daphne W. - Deirdre E. - Jim D. - Don H. - John S. - Cynthia F. - Paul F. - Sue M. - Ktisis Photographic Art

Cathy W. - Bob R. - Scott P. - Frank B. - Grace W.


Lynwood H. - Leslie R. (2) - John L. - Steve R. - Steven I. - Joe T. - Sarah M. - Alexander W. - Patricia H. - Mike P. - Elizabeth D. - Damian L.

Natalie P - Peter L. - James T. - William B. - Ronn R. - Ronald D. - John G. - Charles V. - Charles C. - Richard C. - Edmund F. - "MadMumbler"

Shannon M. - Martha R. - Jane K. - Patricia B.


John L. - Patricia H. - Thomas W. - Helen S - Larry L. - Anne K. - Richard C.

Christine C. - Malachi J. - "MadMumbler" - Darek B. - John G.

Steven I. - Lynwood H. - David S. - Walter C. - Michael S. - Karen H. - Judy M.

Linda L. - Fay H. - Michael J. - Steven I. - Robert P. - Kim P. - David K.

William D. - Jane K. - Ronald D. - Randy B. - Mike P. - Douglas D. - Charles C.

James T. - Jason A. - John B. - Marianne S. - Amy G. - Ken S. - Scrappy S. - Iris P.

Manfred B. - Gregg B. - Peter L. - Mike F. - Edward I. - Mark M. - Rhonda R. - Patricia B.

Edith M. - Eddie F. - Robert W. - Robert P. - Elizabeth D. - Ed S.


Steve D. - David M. - Peter L. - Steven I. - Thomas P.

Steve D. - Patricia H. - Larry L. - Steven C. - Kristy C. - Todd W.

Frans W. - Sean D. - Fay H. - Elvin P. - Gregg B. - Cynthia D. - James T.

Judy M. - Peter L. - Bob R. - Charles K. - James E. - Dotty H. - Kerri A.

Jack B. - John B. - Clark E. - Rick C. - Stan C. - Doug D. - Brad B. - Amy G.

Robert J. - Margaret H. - John G. - Steven I. - Melissa M. - Jim T. - Robert W. - Dana P.

Yvonne H. - Lynette S. - Michael S. - David K. - Jennie A. - Monica G. - Lee C.


Greg B. - Dan L. - Winton D. - Josh C. - Beth Jay C. - Mary L. - Monica P. - Brian H. E - David W. - Kevin V. Richard U. - Susan S. - Beryl B. - Diane H. - Charles C. - Britt H. - Bob R. - Nancy E. - Stephen Y. -- Jeff L. Allison H. - Kelly C. - Jane K. - Kathleen P. - H Philip H. - David W. - Daniel M. - Teoria - Jeffrey W. - Les H. - James F. Arthur S. - Jacob K. - Paul J. - JOHN S. - Todd J. - Lisa J. - Tracy D. - Kimberly B. - Paperwizard.com Mike M. - Barry V. - James B. - usedho.com - James T. - Lois B. - United R. - Norman M. - Sue M. Justin K. - David K. - Linda D. - Tele-Connection Web Services - Thomas G. - Larry L. David D. - Sandra T. - Michael B. - Melissa M. - Jonathon G. - Winton D. - Leigh L Tim C - J. - Robert T. - Robert K. - Steven B. - Kuntry P. - James W. - Linda S. - Sharon R. David M. - Nicholas G. - Heather P. - Joe B. - Justin P. - Robert W. - Wendy C. - Kristen S. Colleen A. - Gail M. - Amy G. - Bryan C. - James B. - Rush L. - Charles F. - Richard R. - Joe P. William D. - George Z. - Kevin M. - Harold P. - Timothy G. - Mary B. - Powell T. - Lawrence T. Cara F. - Mary M. - Richard C. - Donna B. - Steve S. - Theresa N. - Steve H. Catherine W. - Bryan C. - Danny W. - Richard D. - Russ R. - Catherine L. - Fay H. - Dennis M. Linda L. - Cynthia D. - Ed D. - Frank P. - Michelle D. - Lisa Noel - Terri S. - Kay C. - Maxine H. Karen S. - Terri P. S. - Jim P. - Virginia C. - Mike H.

Thank you all for keeping us going when we had a few hiccups during the Florida Hurricane Tour of 2004!

And extra special thanks to everyone for visiting and using the site. And the meteorologists who keep everyone rooted. Stay informed and be hurricane prepared!

Mike and John Cornelius

36.8N 62.7W
Wind: 85MPH
Pres: 970mb
Ne at 14 mph
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