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9/11/1852 (None) Tropical Storm St Petersberg-Lakeland-Titusville 40mph
9/7/1854 (None) Tropical Storm 65ene Cocoa Beach as a Cat III 50 60
9/14/1858 (None) Tropical Storm Venice-Bartow-15n Titusville 40
11/1/1861 (None) Strong Tropical Storm Bonita Beach-Lake Placid-Rockledge 55 70 Storm passed 10nw of Melbourne.
8/17/1871 (None) Hurricane - Cat I 30e Melbourne as a weak Cat III 75 95 First recorded hurricane in the Melbourne area.
8/25/1871 (None) Hurricane - Cat I Vero Beach-10w Melbourne-Orlando-Ocala 90 115 Cat II at Vero Beach. Second hurricane in 8 days.
10/6/1873 (None) Hurricane - Cat I Captiva Island - Grant 95 115 Cat III at Captiva. Storm moved northeast at 30mph.
10/20/1876 (None) Hurricane - Cat I 10se Goodland-Ft Pierce-30se Melbourne 75 95 Cat II at Goodland. Storm maintained hurricane intensity as it crossed the state.
9/11/1878 (None) Strong Tropical Storm Highland Point-Melbourne-15e Titusville 65 80 Passed directly over Melbourne moving from south to north.
8/29/1880 (None) Hurricane - Cat II Direct hit from east at Cocoa Beach 105 135 Strongest hurricane of record in this area. Movement was from ESE to WNW.
8/24/1885 (None) Strong Tropical Storm 20e Melbourne 70 95 Storm surge completely flooded Barrier Island.
8/20/1887 (None) Tropical Storm 65 miles east of Melbourne 50 65 Strong Cat III 65 miles offshore moving to the NNW
10/29/1887 (None) Tropical Storm 20se Sarasota-Avon Park-Palm Bay 40
10/5/1889 (None) Tropical Storm Jupiter to 50 east of Melbourne 40
10/7/1891 (None) Tropical Storm Everglades City-Vero-30se Melbourne 40 Unusual event of two storms within two days - Atlantic origin on this weak storm.
10/9/1891 (None) Tropical Storm 15s Sarasota-Orlando-15se Daytona 40 The second storm - Gulf origin.
10/25/1892 (None) Tropical Storm Tampa Bay to Melbourne 45 55
8/27/1893 (None) Hurricane - Cat I 45ne Patrick AFB 75 100
10/12/1893 (None) Strong Tropical Storm 45ne Patrick AFB 65 80
9/25/1894 (None) Strong Tropical Storm Ft Myers-Orlando-15n Daytona Beach 60 80
10/9/1896 (None) Hurricane - Cat I Ft Myers to 15s Melbourne 75 100
8/2/1898 (None) Tropical Storm Jupiter to 50s Melbourne to Tampa 50 60 Intensified to a minimal hurricane while over land!
10/11/1898 (None) Tropical Storm Fort Myers to Palm Bay 45 55
8/13/1899 (None) Hurricane - Cat I 10e Patrick AFB 80 105
9/11-12/03 (None) Tropical Storm Jupiter-80ssw Melbourne-Apalachicola 45 55 Eye passed over Nassau with gusts over 100mph.
6/17/1906 (None) Tropical Storm Marathon - Jupiter - 50se Melbourne 50 65
8/30/1909 (None) Tropical Storm Melbourne to Daytona Beach 40 Center passed overhead Patrick.
9/26/1909 (None) Tropical Storm Fort Myers to Melbourne 40
10/18/1910 (None) Tropical Storm Naples-Lakeland-Ocala-Jacksonville 40 Cat III at Naples; Cat I at Lakeland.
8/1/1915 (None) Tropical Storm 30ne Patrick to Daytona Beach 40
9/13/1916 (None) Tropical Storm Titusville-Gainesville-Tallahassee 40
10/26/1921 (None) Strong Tropical Storm Tampa to Orlando to 25nnw Titusville 65 80
12/1/1925 (None) Strong Tropical Storm Sarasota-40nw Melbourne-15n Titusville 55 70 One day after the so-called end of the Tropical Cyclone season.
7/27/1926 (None) Hurricane - Cat I Patrick AFB to Daytona Beach 85 110 Strong Cat I storm with landfall directly over Patrick. Huge waves on Indian River.
8/8/1928 (None) Hurricane - Cat I Vero-10sw Melbourne-10sw Orlando 75 100 Landfall at Vero Beach as a Cat II hurricane.
9/17/1928 (None) Hurricane - Cat II Jupiter-30sw Melbourne-30sw Orlando 100 125 Second hurricane within 6 weeks. Landfall as a Cat IV storm (pressure: 27.43).
7/30/1933 (None) Tropical Storm 20s Vero Beach to Sarasota 45 60
9/4/1933 (None) Hurricane - Cat I Jupiter - Avon Park - Tallahassee 75 95 Ditto 1928. Cat IV at Jupiter; Cat III at Avon Park.
5/28/1934 (None) Tropical Storm Ft Myers to Stuart to 30e Melbourne 40
8/30/1937 (None) Tropical Storm 10n Titusville - Ocala - Tallahassee 40
8/13/1939 (None) Strong Tropical Storm Ft Pierce-25s Melbourne-30n Tampa 60 75
10/19/1944 (None) Tropical Storm 20nw Ft Myers-Lakeland-Jacksonville 50 65 Wind gust to 163mph at Sarasota.
9/16/1945 (None) Strong Tropical Storm Homestead-30w Orlando-Jacksonville 60 75 Winds 95mph with gusts @120mph in Orlando. Gust to 196mph at Homestead.
9/17/1947 (None) Hurricane - Cat I Palm Beach to Naples 75 90 A large storm - passed @120 miles south. Gust to 155mph at Pompano Beach.
9/22/1948 (None) Tropical Storm Everglades City-Jupiter-70se Melbourne 45 55 Gust to 122mph in Everglades City.
8/27/1949 (None) Hurricane - Cat I Jupiter to 45sw Melbourne to Lakeland 75 100 Gust to 153mph at Jupiter. Storm surge of 24 feet at Belle Glade.
9/6/1950 Easy Tropical Storm 25n Tampa-60nw Melbourne-Daytona 40 The first 'named' storm to affect the Melbourne area was indeed easy.
10/18/1950 King Strong Tropical Storm Miami-35w Melb-Orlando-Gainesville 55 70 Wind hit 75 with gusts to 100 in Orlando. Gusts to 150mph in Miami.
10/2/1951 How Strong Tropical Storm 10n Ft Myers-10s Vero-40se Melbourne 55 70
10/10/1953 Hazel Strong Tropical Storm 25nw Fort Myers to 10se Melbourne 55 75
9/11/1960 Donna Hurricane - Cat I Naples to Ft Myers to Daytona Beach 75 100 Wind in Keys from 180-200mph; Naples gust @150mph; Daytona gust 99mph.
8/27-28/64 Cleo Strong Tropical Storm Ft Lauderdale-10w Melbourne-DeLand 70 90 Ft Lauderdale gust to 138mph
10/14/1964 Isbell Tropical Storm Everglade City-Jupiter-75se Melbourne 50 65 Ft Lauderdale gust to 120mph. Cat III across entire southern peninsula.
9/8/1965 Betsy Tropical Storm Nassau to Key Largo to Cape Sable 50 60 Hugh storm passed 200 miles to south of Melbourne with a 40 mile wide eye.
6/4-5/68 Abby Tropical Storm 20nw Ft Myers-Avon Park-Melbourne 50 65 Storm stalled vicinity Melbourne - wind at 50mph or more for over 24 hours.
6/25/1974 (None) Tropical Storm Tampa to Daytona Beach 45 55
10/7/1974 (None) Tropical Storm 40e Melbourne 40 In the 70's some early or late season storms were not named (reasons unknown)
8/19/1976 Dottie Tropical Storm Ft Lauderdale to 40e Melbourne 40
9/3/1979 David Hurricane - Cat II Jupiter-Vero-Patrick-Titusville 100 125 Eye passage along the coast from Vero to the Cape.
8/18/1981 Dennis Tropical Storm Naples-10w Melbourne-Daytona Beach 40
8/25/1983 Barry Tropical Storm Palm Bay to Tampa 40
9/27/1984 Isidore Tropical Storm Jupiter-40sw Melbourne-30n Tampa 40
7/23/1985 Bob Tropical Storm Ft Myers-Vero-10e Melb-30e Daytona 50 65
8/28/1988 Chris Tropical Storm 30e Vero-30e Patrick-40e Daytona Bch 40
11/23/1988 Keith Tropical Storm Sarasota to Avon Park to Patrick AFB 40
11/16/1994 Gordon Tropical Storm Fort Myers to Sebastian 40
8/2/1995 Erin Hurricane - Cat I 10n Vero-10sw Melbourne-20s Orlando 75 100 10"of rain. First hurricane since David. Gusts to 100mph in W. Melbourne(eyewall)
9/15/1999 Floyd Tropical Storm 110 miles east of Melbourne as a Cat IV 50 65
10/16/1999 Irene Strong Tropical Storm Everglades City-Jupiter-25e Melbourne 60 80 Wind gust to 93mph at Patrick AFB. Gust 77mph at Melbourne Airport and Cape.
Sustained wind of 40mph once every 2 years Compiled by Ed Dunham
Sustained wind of 60mph once every 5 years Melbourne, Florida
Sustained wind of 75mph once every 8 years 7/30/2011
Sustained wind of 90mph once every 26 yrs
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