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What happened to everyone
      #93308 - Wed Aug 22 2012 02:41 PM

I would like to add my two cents in regards to what Typhoon_tip posted on 9/21/12, which is listed after ****. I have been lurking on this site since 2005 and have gained valuable knowledge and insight to the weather and hurricanes. The reason for the traffic reduction is not all the competing forums, but how some members were treated whenever they posted something. I saw the mods come down hard on users who posted something they didn't like. Whether it was something a little off topic, their ideas/wishcasting, etc., users were constantly getting blasted. So many folks got upset that they stopped posting and moved on. This in turn drove people like me away as the posts became very infrequent.

Back in the good old days, this site would have lots of posts coming in minute by minute as everyone gave their thoughts on how things were going to play out. We have a storm bearing down towards Florida or somewhere on the East Coast and so far only 14 people have commented. Only 3 registered users, 19 anonymous. Very sad. On Wunderground tropical page, there are almost 4,000 comments in a 24 hour peroid. Big difference. Yes, some are wishcasting and don't know what they are talking about. It's still funny to read them and wonder what planet they are on. If you have been reading/following for a while, you know who has the best ideas and knows what they are talking about.

This used to be a great site and at one time, there were hundreds of users on during the hurricane season. Daniel W, Typhoon, Mike, LoisCane & Scott to name a few have been on here for several years and have a great following. I remember reading Snownut (I think it was spelled that way), whose forecast was usually correct.

Bottom line is that the mods/admin folks caused the decline in traffic. The members that were posting at that time left due to all negative comments made from the mods and that in turn drove the lurkers like me away.

It's to the point now, that I'm not sure if you can bring this site back like it used to be.


I believe much of the traffic reduction has some to do with competing forums, but mainly that since 2005 the TC threat frequency to the the SE U.S. and the Florida area has greatly diminished. In 2005, Florida was like the proving ground at an air force missile testing site, as nature dealt them salvo after salvo of whacks upside the head. Immediately the next season there were no threats; and I noticed straight away the traffic was halved immediately, the next year halved again.

During 2005 it was crowded and often unruly on CFHC. Even with the best of Moderator attention, free-speculation devoid of much Meteorological value was too often flown. The problem here is that we want to be a reputable source that can be trusted, as much as serves to provide both entertainment, and a nexus for enthusiasts and educated alike. It is difficult to placate the novice with an itchy trigger finger while aspiring to that goal.

Personally I do not see any harm in perhaps adopting a "Scorched Earth" policy where certain postings are allowed during quiescent times, then limits are imposed during tense storm monitoring. But I am not sure that is plausible with the current staff of Admins and Moderators having alternate lives, and do this voluntarily.

That's about all we need to say about this; if we would like to continue the discussion, we can definitely take it off line. Perhaps include Mike or another Admin with your concerns - they are not without merit.


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Ed DunhamAdministrator
Former Meteorologist & CFHC Forum Moderator (Ed Passed Away on May 14, 2017)

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: Beckster1]
      #93317 - Wed Aug 22 2012 04:59 PM

This comes up from time to time - and I'm convinced, human nature being what it is, that it always will. A couple of recommendations:
1) Read the thread above this one called "Where Should I Put My Post" - it, along with the addition of the Weather Analysts has solved some of the earlier site posting problems.
2) Check out the thread from almost 4 years ago in this same Forum titled: "I am missing you".

Someone complained yesterday about not being able to post forecasts beyond three days on the Main Page thread. Yesterdays leadoff article by Mike (just a few hours earlier) included the following comments: "The forecast is for a hurricane to be in the eastern Caribbean on Thursday, and moving still fairly quickly to the west, potentially interacting with the Dominican Republic or Haiti on Friday, and possible moving near Cuba Saturday into Sunday. Beyond that is lounge discussion" Thats a Tuesday post with a five day forecast stating that anything beyond 5 days belongs in the Forecast Lounge. So we've got a complaint about not being able to do something that we've actually permitted for quite some time and stated that fact a few hours BEFORE the complaint. Does anyone even bother to read the leadoff article? - I guess that the answer in some cases is 'no'. Probably also true of the Site Rules.

You stated: "Back in the good old days, this site would have lots of posts coming in minute by minute" and "This used to be a great site". You define 'good' as a lot of posts coming in minute by minute, but others might not embrace that same definition - at CFHC its not quantity but rather a hope for quality - and at least for me that seems to be a better definition of what might constitute a great site or at least help it to become one. There are certainly places on the site to post almost everything about tropical systems that you would want to say. The problem is probably far less associated with the moderation and more associated with human nature. If folks take the time to read, the site is rather easy to use.

Finally, you noted that that you were not sure if we could bring this site back like it used to be - but in reality 'like it used to be' didn't meet the site objectives of Hurricanes Without The Hype.

Thanks for your input - and for your sincere concern for the site.

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: Ed Dunham]
      #93322 - Wed Aug 22 2012 07:15 PM

i'm still here and lurking around. As a first responder (DHS/FEMA National IMAT on-call) and an EM consultant, i just have nothing to say/report at the moment. All i know is that by the weekend i am likely Tampa or Miami bound!

Emergency Management Consultant & Trainer

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Veteran Storm Chaser

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: Sheeper]
      #93324 - Wed Aug 22 2012 07:58 PM

I'm here. I read, I post and I watch.

I enjoyed when it was busier...obviously....more than now.

I'm sure there are many reasons for that... one being many use Twitter and Facebook (as I do) and other sources more than old school "message boards" but then again I'm sort of "old school" .....

I hope people choose to stay, follow whatever "rules" there are and not bail...especially during what seems to be a spike in the season and a period which may stay busy for some time.. and all views are important and valuable.

The other day on TWC.. Cantore made a comment that he had been looking at something someone pointed out on Twitter and it's been bugging him and he mentioned the person by name. Just shows that we all gain from each other even if some of us know more about meteorology than others. Then again.. i know little about computers and programming, a lot about English and Literature.

Just my thoughts and am happy to have a place to put them.

PS... the tropics are really busy and there is a TS going to be a Hurricane and it might threaten a busy metropolitan area very soon...so would prefer we were having this "conversation" another time ... a lot tropically to talk about for those here who wish to read..

It's more than just the family of posters here... a lot of people read and never post, they are looking for information. We all are..


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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: LoisCane]
      #93326 - Wed Aug 22 2012 08:43 PM

I'm still here. I read more than I post. Hard to believe I know.

I came here years ago to gain knowledge in the field of Tropical Meteorology. I am still learning. And from some of the best laymen and professionals in the World.

I am sure that I have ticked off more than one member from time to time but I try to be very lenient and still adhere to Mike and Ed's preferences for posts. I even break the rules sometimes. And ED reminds me from time to time what goes where.

I will post data if I think that someone else might use it or be looking for that data.

Regarding the 3 day current thread versus the 5 day forecast thread. I'm guilty of cross posting in those areas. We sometimes get carried away with the current situation and post forecast down the road.

Current situation is TS Issac beginning to enter the E. Caribbean. 3 Day forecast takes it to Cuba... with winds and showers threatening Southern Florida.
5 day forecast takes it to the Upper Florida Peninsula or through the Florida Straits into the GOM.
Either forecast threatens Florida at this time. Depending on which model you view.
The two EURO models, at last check were taking Issac to Louisiana at Cat 2 or 3 level. At the 9 day forecast period.

I'm staying here and I'll shift to a lower gear.

Right now I have to shift into high gear to prepare for Issac and you should too. Thanks.

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Weather Master

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: danielw]
      #93327 - Wed Aug 22 2012 09:06 PM

I'm still here. I read more WAY MORE than I post because there are many here with a lot more knowledge than I in this field.

However, based on all the great data and insights, I am able to share via Facebook and Twitter with folks to raise their awareness and preparation in the event it's needed.

I also came here years ago to gain knowledge in the field of Tropical Meteorology. I've only retained a scratch of the surface and learning with each storm. am still learning.


Don't knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while.

Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!



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Storm Tracker

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: Tazmanian93]
      #93328 - Wed Aug 22 2012 09:26 PM

I'm still here but like many others, I read a lot more than I usually do nowadays between college and now work. I actually like the website more now because there isn't as much BS going around, but that's the academic in me!

Andrew 1992, Irene 1999, Katrina 2005, Wilma 2005

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Storm Tracker

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: Tazmanian93]
      #93329 - Wed Aug 22 2012 09:31 PM

Been here for several years and check in to read comments with every storm.

Prediction for Isaac: Eye over Tampa Convention Center early next week. And no, I didn't brew up this one...

Seriously though, after Debbie's 16 inches of rain and tropical storm winds in Gulfport, Florida (Pinellas County), we don't care to see another storm in this area for a long time.

Gulfport Florida Webcam - Gulfport Florida Weather Station - Clearwater Beach Cams

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: Beckster1]
      #93333 - Thu Aug 23 2012 12:04 AM

2005 was overboard, even with the stronger moderation we had at the time. There has not been pair of years like 2004 and 2005 since (for storm activity). The information (and misinformation) was moving too quickly and being lost, and we didn't like disclaimers everywhere so we decided to enforce splitting up the discussion a bit to intentionally get more speculation off the main page to prevent confusion and hype. I also like to promote other hurricane sites, forums, and the like, I read them all to try to detect hype, and try to see where people are focusing on, and try to see what they are missing.

A lot of times water vapor loops are enough, and over-reliance on models alone without verifying how well they were initialized is a problem. (bad initialization is enough to throw the entire thing out)

I think a problem is too many typos when I write this stuff exhausted after staring at loops and reading everything I can get ahold of, and the day job is very demanding too, which has kept the site in a bit of stasis technologically for too long.

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: MikeC]
      #93386 - Thu Aug 23 2012 05:31 PM

flhurricane.com is always my "go to" site for all things hurricane. I found you guys while I was living in Key West and have learned so much over the years. I'm now living back in the DC area....if only you had a derecho page!! The storm we had 6/29/12 was like a half hour hurricane! In any case, please know that the site is highly valued and there are probably legions of us lurking and learning! I think I'll give flhurricane.com a promo on my Facebook page, I still have a lot of friends in FL that need the no hype straight talk! Thanks for all you do!

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Verified CFHC User

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: Beckster1]
      #93387 - Thu Aug 23 2012 05:33 PM

I think that John B makes some very good points. IF this forum is to be one only for the use and participation of professional meteorologists, then it would be good to say so up front and avoid the problem. I'd suspect that if that's the case, this will be a relatively small , relatively inactive forum, but that's fine if that is the intent.

If it's to be used by and for average people with an interest in severe weather, it would be useful to NOT run the forum like a military organization and tolerate some deviations from The Rules.

That having been said, Im grateful for the forum and use it often each season.


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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: Beckster1]
      #93390 - Thu Aug 23 2012 06:26 PM

Thanks for all the good input from everyone.

I have been a member since 2006, and while I may have lurked prior, discussions for me were not a top priority back then because, as as matter of practice, I am just one of those who generally does not like to try to jump into a jungle of competing speculation for the purpose of making sure everyone else gets a chance to hear (or read) me speculating out loud. Prior to flhurricane (and since) I have moderated several other forums where we have also sought quality over quantity, with few exceptions being made for things like someone's birthday, some other major event, etc. (these items would not always be taken offline, just often moved into their own categories.)

The reason why we try to keep a focus on post quality over quantity at flhurricane (especially so during significant weather events), is because, as stated above, the goal is to have a place where people can come and glean some useful and ideally accurate information about tropical cyclones "without the hype."

This is not to say that unless one is a met or a complete weather nerd one's post is somehow automatically of low quality, or in some way filled with hype. Far from it. We welcome and encourage posts from everyone, but we simply ask that they stay on topic, and stay within defined guidelines for each forum (and if one doesn't know what the topic is in any given forum, or what that forum's guidelines are, please do not hesitate to ask me, or any other mod - we really are all here to help, and are happy to do so).

As one of flhurricane's mods, I can also share with you that we are not out to "get" anyone. I understand how it can feel and seem that way from time to time, but such is the nature of the Interwebs (despite all of its glory, it is still not a place where in-person contact is being made, and as such, misinterpretations and misunderstandings easily arise).

Please understand that flhurricane is not some kind of commercial venture. We are not looking to "drive business." There are websites that clearly do this. Their goal is to encourage as many "hits" by just about any means possible, and one of the easiest ways to "drive hits" is to open up forums and then allow all sorts of wild speculation, competing conspiracy theories, politically-charged stories, "hot-button" issues. These sites are filled with quantity over quality, and for many of the uninitiated, coming to such a site for the first few times, determining fact from fantasy is almost impossible, resulting in the exact opposite of what our goal is here.

So we have some site "rules," and yes, some of us enforce them more adamantly than others, but in general, all we ask is that lurkers and members (myself included!) stick to the site "rules" as much as humanly possible. If a post gets edited, or canned (I've had more than one post go to the graveyard, myself), it doesn't mean we are saying anything bad about anyone personally, it just means that a mod determined a given post was needing additional information, context, correct information, etc., or was just in the wrong forum, or maybe not appropriate for the site as a whole. It is nothing personal.

One final thought, the Lounge is far less strictly moderated. Provided it doesn't ramble off into total never-neverland, most replies that are relatively on-topic to the headline article for a given Lounge entry are going to be fine there.



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Lamar-Plant City
Storm Tracker

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: cieldumort]
      #93391 - Thu Aug 23 2012 06:36 PM

I have been coming here for about 6 years. I too have had posts moved and canned and at first i usually get a bit upset that MY content was treated in such a way. But I have learned that most of the time there was a good reason for it. I also echo Cuildemort about the Lounge. That is the place to speculate (but not wildly) and guesstimate what you think the storm will do and it is a much more forgiving place than other threads. That is why you will see me post there most often. Another less strictly moderated thread is when there is a "storm conditions in your area' thread during an event and I will post there often if I am affected. AND there are days when I just lurk and soak in the knowledge of the experienced mets around me and don't feel like I have to post. Use the site however you like and just be aware of the expectations. This is too good of a site to leave in a huff!!

If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes...
2023 Season Prediction: 17/6/2

Edited by Lamar-Plant City (Fri Aug 24 2012 12:48 AM)

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: Lamar-Plant City]
      #93421 - Fri Aug 24 2012 12:20 AM

{Cloak Off}

I, too, am an "old timer" who has kind of disappeared. For me, it was life that got in the way, along with some quieter seasons. I left professional meteorology a couple of years ago, and have been limiting my insights to Twitter and Facebook. That is in no way meant to minimize Mike, Ed and the rest of the amazing people who run and post on FLHurricane. I loved my time here, and as time allows I intend to check in here from time to time, but the realities of having a 'real job' have gotten in the way here lately.

To all my friends here, I have missed you...I hope you are all well.

Jason Kelley

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Weather Analyst

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: wxman007]
      #93517 - Fri Aug 24 2012 11:11 PM

This is my 8th season here. I don't post as much as I once did due to work and family requirements and I just don't have anything to say that would add to the discussion(s) a lot of the time. There are other weather related forums where you can get all the hype and no substance, but if you want calm, reasoned analysis, this is the best (only) storm forum to pay attention to as far as I'm concerned.



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Weather Guru

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Loc: Lakeland, FL
Re: What happened to everyone [Re: MichaelA]
      #93545 - Sat Aug 25 2012 03:08 AM

I don't recall how long I've been here (I guess since my registration date? lol), but although I find it vexing sometimes when my posts have either been moved or deleted, the strict enforcement of the rules is not among the several reasons that I don't post here as often as I used to. Mostly because I'm busy with other stuff, and/or that we don't a system affecting us right now. I am planning on being busy posting info about local storm conditions when/if Isaac affects us, perhaps with nothing more than feeder bands if he holds to the current forecast track.

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Rob Moser
Verified CFHC User

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: JoshuaK]
      #93549 - Sat Aug 25 2012 03:19 AM

I have been on this site for many years, yet this is my 2nd post. I very much enjoy all of the information, and agree that you need to keep it professional.

Am in Iowa till late Oct... because I don't like to experience Hurricanes first hand. Arrived back in Naples 72 hrs after Wilma, and 5 hrs after power restored.

I am amazed at how accurate this site is, often more relevant than the Natl. Hurricane Center. Keep up the good work!

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Re: What happened to everyone [Re: Beckster1]
      #93609 - Sat Aug 25 2012 06:45 PM

I'm a lurker, I usually only check the site anytime something looks to be a threat to W. Central Fl, or if its a huge storm. I see I have posted 6 times, didn't even realize it was that many. As some have said, life gets in the way, we have much more social media users today, and its been pretty quiet the last few years, thank goodness. That said, I am still checking in and more importantly referring my friends to the site. I think you do a great job and hope you continue to do so. Thanks

and in the end, the love you take
is equal to the love you make

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