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Another likely quiet week in the Atlantic Basin, and likely will remain quiet until the first week of August.
Days since last H. Landfall - US: Any 15 (Beryl) , Major: 328 (Idalia) Florida - Any: 328 (Idalia) Major: 328 (Idalia)

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LI Phil

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Gems from the past week or so...
      #20535 - Wed Aug 18 2004 10:55 PM

Ok, it's pretty quiet on the boards right now, and maybe we could all use a break from Charley...so, with no regard to order or reason, I give you some priceless posts (or pieces thereof) from the past week...as always, names will be kept confidential to protect the guilty.

I agree, Im going with HF on Sanibel Isl.
>>Not funny, just a reminder that HF was off by a whopping five miles on the landfall 24 hours before landfall

I have to admit that I'm a tad bit jealous that I can't get in on some of it myself, but I'll live to fight again another day.
>>(on the arrival of Charley)The ultimate "be careful what you wish for" statement.

I guess I shoud stop posting anything. Everything I am saying is being misunderstood
>>Needs no explanation

This sucker still wants to ride to the right of the model runs a bit. Stubborn little bugger...
>>Interesting use of nouns

These storms are upredictable period.
>>Not stating the obvious

here is the first stupid question of day
>>posted at 12:01 am

I go to sleep at night with my eyes rotating counterclockwise...
>>I go to sleep with mine closed

He He Not tonight Dan, not tonight.
>>New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey

the discussion aked if it was turning north prematuruly(excuse spelling)
>>No S--t

Another thing to remember, once the weather goes downhill, that's pretty much it.

my grandmother said it was the salt water rain.. course she predicted hurricanes from her corns hurting or the way the sea gulls acted.
>>So did the late great John Hope and Ed too!

Tallahassee forgot to mention to the toll booth workers NOT to charge the people evacuating. It was bumbper to bumper for almost 4 hours. Then there was one toll road where they only had 2 toll booth lanes open instead of 4. I would have rammed my 'Burb right through those barricades, believe you me. Finally, the Governer had to get on TV to tell the toll workers they were not supposed to charge (I didn't know they had TV's in the toll booths, did you? ).........and they wonder why we had problems in the 2000 Elections????? Sheesh.
>>President Al Gore

"Hey, Catwoman, the Bat Phone is going off in the Bat Cave."
>>Did you know they're coming out with Batman V? Hasn't the poor horse been beaten enough?

Nothing like a little stress breaker. ED please grab the "Catwoman" post for the next edition of weather snickers.
>>Ed's a little busy, but I'm not...

Hopefully the storm can hold of any landfall till after 6pm tomorrow as I have more football practice!!
>>Yeah, wouldn't want to miss out on the death and destruction

Stupid people are everywhere, aren't they?
>>Surprisingly, that was not in response to the above snippet

Still straight on schedule from my posts a few days back and yesterday on the track of Charley. Bonnie was pretty easy on threatning looks at wanting to jump to hurricane strength but just didnt get the right factors into play. I forcasted her to stay a TS but would have the slightest chance of making a hurricane,. well everything came on schedule (like Alex). would take the center near Sarasota - Clearwater landfall around 9pm- 12am.
>>Ummm...not quite...but I didn't see any posts from you acknowledging you were WRONG!

The Batphone just went off again...scared the living daylights out of me.
>>Well then turn it off!

the anchorman on BayNews9 just said, "If for SOME REASON YOU LOSE POWER TOMORROW, YOU CAN LISTEN TO US ON 104.7" What does he mean, If for SOME REASON? Doesn't he realize that a major hurricane MIGHT be THE reason for losing power?
>>Thanks, I'll be here all week

not even going to discuss whats annoying me..

oh and happy birthday fidel
>>Gracias, can't believe you remembered

ABC Action New in Tampa just did a phone interview with Charley
>>How is that possible?

Bobbi...I know you're frustrated
>>Statement speaks for itself

checking out the Drudge Report website, at the very top iin Red it says "Evacuate" all in caps.
>>Fair and balanced reporting

Couple of hoses in fort laud hit by lightning anf caught on fire
>>Were the firemen OK?

so how sad is it that I'm sitting in an airport using a wireless pda to read updates on this storm?
>>pretty sad

Some people under mandatory evacuations are refusing to leave.
>>The same people who tried to vote for Gore and instead voted for Nader

Later on it will be varmints both 2 legged and 4 legged I am afraid.
>>Are you referring to Rabbit?

Maybe HankFrank was right and Sanibel is in the cross hairs
>>Gotta give props to my fellow mod

Looks to me like Dr. Lyons is right
>>There's a first time for everything

>>Hope you got your wish, moron

Watching Channel 28, ABC in Tampa, the meteorologist was announcing the tornado warning for Lake Placid and mentioned the Bob Sheets, former Director of the National Hurricane Center lives in Lake Placid. I didn't know that. Cool!
>>What have you got against Bob Sheets? Hoping he gets hit with the tornado?

Remeber Joe Bastardi's theory on hurricanes that are strengthening at landfall versus those weakening. He says they are much more powerful.
>>hurricanes strengthening are more powerful than hurricanes weakening...What would we do without Joe B?

Thank you for keeping it up.
>>New Cialis slogan

This thing is a joke. I mean, c'mon guys. For all of the hype that was put up around this, they have to look hard, even on the Southwest coast, for widespread serious damage. There is no WIDESPREAD serious damage.
>>The post that sent the thread into registered only mode

They were filming at the water's edge in winds so high they had to kneel down.Steve Lyons said "those guys don't have any business being outside in that with a landfalling hurricane"
>>Lyons doesn't miss a trick, does he?

I can't wait to see all the damage photos on the web and tv tomorrow after some of the camera crews can get to some of the isolated spots.
>>You must not live in Florida

relative shear is still going to be relatively low
>>It's all relative, Einstein

I wouldn't wish what happened yesterday on Saddam
>>Well, maybe I would

HF: Your were really close on your speculation of where landfall would occur. I am impress!
>>Charter member of the HanKFranK fan club

Hank Frank was right on with his thoughts
>>Member #2

TD5 will probably be Earl by the end of the day, as convective bands are beginning to wrap around the center and become better organized. Think this will also become a hurricane
>>Posted by Rabbit, 7/14

I watched what had to be 70 hours of continuous coverage. I turned my apartment into a micro-weather center.
>>Dude, you need to get out more

Just Cancle My screen name phil im discusted i have no freedom
>>Hopefully Robert's last ever post (and the spellchecker thanks you)

I'd first like to say that I'm amazed with the meteorological knowledge displayed on this web site
>>CFHC is the best

charley was such as fast mover she/he did not spend too much time in any one place
>>More of an it...

Best wishes from the home of the NL East leading Atlanta Braves
>>Another first round playoff exit (sorry HF)

But as far as Charley's path, I don't see it much different than Andrew
>>except that it was moving in the opposite direction

Hurricanes are not remote controlled interactive video games run by the Hurricane Center
>>Available for PS2 this fall

The stronger Danielle becomes at this point the fishier she becomes.
>>Newsflash out of Athens about olympic weightwatcher Danielle Brown

We'll be hitting it hard in Lafayette at several of the better drinking establishments
>>Father of the year

Still working on a couple of bloody marys the day after.
>>See above

If you're bored waiting for Charlie
>>Bored wouldn't quite be the word I would have used

just three weeks ago people were whinning that we were going to have a slow season ... oh please call me a WHAMBULANCE

Danielle just upgraded to a hurricane, but has fish written all over her
>>RELAX, it's just a TEMPORARY tattoo...

Am noticing quite a few people giving praise to CFHC and noting how much they have learned. I have to say i have learned a lot myself from this board, and my library of useful tropical links has grown dramatically this season. The site is like a big online weather/tropical community and its a great place to come for information and education especially with the proffesional meterologists like Ed and Jason
>>CFHC is the best

Nothing is impossible and anything is possible
>>First science officer Spock

Midlatitude (cold-core systems) tend to be of a more baroclinic nature, while tropical systems are closer to barotropic. Deals with how the systems grow, in laymans terms. It's tough to explain without going into atmospheric dynamics and could take 20 pages, neither of which I'm about to do!
>>That might require an edit...

late, winded from mountain biking this afternoon.. keeping it terse
>>Something you'll never hear from Rush Limbaugh

Earl should be a strong cat 1 or more by weds night
>>This was the forecast from a met...who incidentally was wrong on Charley...again...no retraction

He had his first meal since Friday today. A hot dog provided by red cross
>>When did they stop serving filet mignon?

I've been going on other boards
>>I feel so violated

LI Phil mentioned 'dynagel,' and I was just wondering what it means.
>>what the HELL was I thinking...

A lot of people didn't leave because they can't drink in shelters or do whatever they want to in shelters
>>That might be for the benefit of the other folks in the shelters

told him that although he was generally a nice guy, at that time I thought he was a pompous, selfish, uncaring person who didn't have a lick of compassion for anyone.
>>Quote describing John Kerry in his high school yearbook

I see everything and I cry like a baby to see people suffering but I also get mad when people refuse to take responsibility for their actions.
>>Bill Clinton, upon signing the "welfare to work" act in 1996

It's like every fish in the entire lake died, it's a massive fish kill there. Dead fish every few feet all across the lake, I've never seen anything like it
>>They said Danielle was gonna be a fish spinner

Been lurking for over a week
>>And the police are nearby

The hotel provided free dinners and breakfasts which was very nice. They also gave us flashlights and glow sticks in case the power went out - but it never did. To top it off, drinks were free the 12th from 5 - 6 pm.
>>A true "happy hour"

I have never before seen a line at Mc Donalds stretch around the block!!
>>It's their new "Atkins' Friendly" menu

Just wanted to thank MIke, ED & all the moderators(HF & Phil) on this forum for keeping the site up and running during Charley
>>CFHC is the best

Can anyone meterologically competent, address the issue regarding the possibility of redevelopments
>>>Rabbit? scottsvb?

Earl never did anything for me
>>Did he owe you a favor?

Earl does not have the slightest chance of regeneration because it is about to move into Nicaragua in about a day
>>Posted by Rabbit 8/17, after calling for Earl to become a hurricane 8/14

as I said before, i will no longer update the monthly forecast. However, if any of these numbers are exceeded, i will obviously have to increase the yearly forecast
and in response, from an anonymous poster:
forecasts are more accurate at the end of the season, than at the beginning.
>>Perhaps you should update your forecast after each storm, then at the end of the year, you''ll score 100%

the rabbit voodoo hex did the trick
>>that should be a part of the CFHC lexicon, like "wave monger" or "wishcasting"

I know this thread continues to drift off-topic, but I wanted to add two more to the list...
Ed's favorite precursor to a new post

Not to get in the way at all, but how come the wave is actually increasing over land when it is technically a tropical wave? I thought tropical waves died over land
>>well, you'd think that...but...you'd be wrong

>>atlantic THC is in overdrive Surf's like way up dude. Think I'll go make a bloody mary in its honor.
>>and then go out surfing

We have read and followed the posts on this site for several years (as well as wished for storms to hit here)...NO MORE!!!..We will still read but we will no longer wish for a storm that has the potential to do this type of damage. .We've now lived through a major storm and want nothing else to do with one...What a mess we have...
>>Sometimes one is all it takes

This seems so far to be a very active season. I believe there will be more hurricanes.
>>D'ya think?

And finally, because I'm getting tired...

lots of people call GFS good for s***..
To my knowledge, HF's only edited post!

2005 Forecast: 14/7/4


"If your topic ain't tropic, your post will be toast"

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Re: Gems from the past week or so... [Re: LI Phil]
      #20537 - Wed Aug 18 2004 11:02 PM

I can tell that I made the list just once - me thinks that's a good thing! Some real "gems" in there, however - but good for a laugh in retrospect, at least some of them. Others, of course, are indefensible.

And the following remark:
"so how sad is it that I'm sitting in an airport using a wireless pda to read updates on this storm? "

I resemble that remark!
Last year, when they sent the first recon flights out to Hurricane Isabel, I had my cell phone connected to the NHC's wireless website during class (yes, we weren't learning much synoptic meteorology that do, so it wasn't a big deal) refreshing the recon reports. When they came back saying cat 5 still, everyone wanted to know! So, how sad is that? haha.

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