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Re: Hurricanes Are Necessary [Re: JulieTampa]
      #56289 - Thu Sep 22 2005 08:42 AM

Quote: "Hurricanes play a part in the world's ecology - they bring water and warmth from the Tropics into more Northern latitudes. Much worse consequences would result if we stopped them from occuring." Unquote

I was waiting for someone to say that.
Hurricanes are nature's way of dispersing heat from the Equator to the Poles


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Re: Hurricanes Are Necessary [Re: fl-mermaid]
      #56296 - Thu Sep 22 2005 09:20 AM

Wow...interesting conversation I have stumbled across. Manipulating weather, and what not. I was a young lad living in Miami, FL. when I remember a silver oxide cloud seeding project being done up in central FL. Can't remember the results though.

Whatever the cause of the increase in tropical storm frequency and/or intensity, we really should leave them alone. We wanted to raise cattle in the plains, so we eliminated the coyote...bad idea. So we want to live by the sea. And now we want to engineer the weather to our liking? Not a good idea.

Mr. Anderson said it best, "You (meaning man) are a virus."
But we are a smart virus. Can we be smart enough NOT to destroy that which supports our very existance? We'll see, eh?

Leave the weather alone. Move away from the coast if you can't handle the storms. Clean up our polution output as best we can. And hope the earth is not just on a purging cycle trying to shake off the virii that has infected her.


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Re: One way to curb/slow these hurricanes is this idea.. [Re: that guy from canada]
      #56327 - Thu Sep 22 2005 10:53 AM

OK for the sceince of this question consider the following before you even think about playing around with nature...

Gulf Facts:
The Gulf of Mexico basin resembles a large pit with a broad shallow rim. Approximately 38% of the Gulf is comprised by shallow and intertidal areas (< 20 m deep). The area of the continental shelf (< 180 m) and continental slope (180 - 3,000 m) represent 22% and 20% respectively, and abyssal areas deeper than 3,000 m comprise the final 20% (Gore, 1992). The Sigsbee Deep, located in the southwestern quadrant, is the deepest region of the Gulf of Mexico. Its exact maximum depth is controversial, and reports by different authors state maximum depths ranging from 3,750 m to 4,384 m. Mean (average) water depth of the Gulf is ~1,615 m (Turner, 1999) and the basin contains a volume of 2,434,000 cubic kilometers of water (6.43 * 1017 gallons).

Sooooo... .125gal=1lbs. and it takes 1BTU to to raise that 1 degree, it should take somewhere around 10.3 quadrillion Window AC units @ 5000 BTU to bring the gulf temp down 10 degrees. Ummmm No... BTW that would require the sun as a power source, not just "solar power", the sun.

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Re: One way to curb/slow these hurricanes is this idea.. [Re: that guy from canada]
      #56329 - Thu Sep 22 2005 10:56 AM

That is a very interesting idea. Cool down the Gulf of Mexico. While we are at it maybe we could also warm up Canada. Thanks I needed a good laugh about now.

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Re: One way to curb/slow these hurricanes is this idea.. [Re: that guy from canada]
      #56355 - Thu Sep 22 2005 11:49 AM

will someone figure this out for me please?

at approximately $ .06/kw, how much would it cost to cool 6.43 x 10 (17th power) gallons of water from approximately 34 degees C to 23 degrees C (90 degees F to 80 degrees F)?

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Chris Bryant
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Re: One way to curb/slow these hurricanes is this idea.. [Re: that guy from canada]
      #56371 - Thu Sep 22 2005 12:08 PM

While I am reasonably certain the NCC-1701 Enterprise could generate enough power to cool the GOM , I do wonder what a few million barrels of Gulf Crude floating on the water might do.. then I also worry that we might find out .

A bit of editorializing- I feel our options are going to be to simply abandon near oceanfront property- harden that which we cannot let go back to nature. Last year here in Florida, the area which didn't have any "beach erosion" was the Canaveral National Seashore- the storms actually replenished the dunes, as the wave were allowed to simply wash over unimpeded.
If these past 2 years are a taste of decades to come....

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Re: One way to curb/slow these hurricanes is this idea.. [Re: that guy from canada]
      #57188 - Sat Sep 24 2005 02:35 AM

Please make this stop.
You are not even Canadian, average canadian is far better informed about these storms that are battering your coasts.

Google these terms and find out how a hurricane really works.
Eye Wall replacement
Low Shear zones and Hurricanes
and figure out why a hurricane rotates counter clockwise not clockwise

Before you trigger happy folks start bombing the hell out of the oceans, find out how these beasts really work. Scientists have already tried these approaches, and they found it is far more economically feasible to invest money in sounder building structures rather than investing in solutions to dismantling a hurricane that is equivalent to 1000ís of Megaton Hydrogen Bombs. It would be like stopping a train with a feather.

Did you even know where Rita originated from? It was just a bunch of thunderstorms in the Caribbean. This particular storm did not originate off the coast off Africa.

Edited by Ed Dunham (Wed Nov 16 2005 10:57 PM)

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Re: One way to curb/slow these hurricanes is this idea.. [Re: test]
      #61963 - Sun Oct 23 2005 01:09 AM

How about just as the storm is approaching everyone flush their toilets in unison. The resultant wave of cooler water will push that storm away from us.....

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satellite steve
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Re: Avoid hurricanes .. [Re: test]
      #61986 - Sun Oct 23 2005 01:47 AM

If we are going to build on the coast, we have to be prepared to deal with the storms --- It certainly makes no sense to build standard homes in surge areas.

There are other ways to deal if we are going to build on the beach -- see http://www.domeofahome.com/

This home stood right in the way of Ivan '04 and Dennis '05 with little structural damage while the neighbors were flattened in Pensacola Beach. The yard pool and garage filled with sand and the blow-out stairs washed away, but no roof to blow off or leak

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Re: Hurricanes Are Necessary [Re: Multi-Decadal Signal]
      #62135 - Sun Oct 23 2005 11:31 AM

That's right. There are conspiracy theories revolving around since the cold war of a device that sends massive microwave energy to diverge weather systems. This is the same energy that you have in your home. In fact, the russians had created one and it is believed to have been sold to the Japanese. It could be a bunch of b.s. but it's not out of the realm of possibility if you do some research.

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the young weatherman
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Hurricanes ARE Necessary [Re: bullocmt]
      #62225 - Sun Oct 23 2005 01:56 PM

I don't support any ideas about colling things down and stuffs, hurricanes are our natural weather occurance. the reason there is more hurricanes right now is because we already ruined our emvironment. By using unnatural ways to change the weathr patterns will result in more environmental damage


"Disasters are perfect lessons for teaching humans not to mess with The enviroment"

Bow down to the The youngest Meoteorologist on Earth!!!!!!! MauHaHa!
You wanna see my lastest forecast for severe weather?
CLick Here

Edited by the young weatherman (Sun Oct 23 2005 01:57 PM)

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Random Chaos
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Re: Hurricanes ARE Necessary [Re: the young weatherman]
      #63077 - Tue Oct 25 2005 02:00 PM

Just to put this in a thermodynamic perspective:

Due to the Law of Entropy, any heat removed from one part of a system must be added in a greater quantity to another part of the system. Therefore, to remove heat from the oceans would mean transfering heat to the air plus the heat output of the work done to transfer the heat, which would in turn warm the oceans more than doing nothing.

The only solution to the heating of oceans is to create, globally, the inverse effect of the greenhouse effect, cooling the atmosphere enough to lower sea temperatures. A giant volcanic eruption is one potential way of doing this...but it isn't exactly something that we, as humans, can cause easily. This would cause a cooling of the Earth's atmosphere by changing an external effect on the system: the effects of the sun. Thus it is not bound by localized thermodynamical properties mentioned in the first scenario.

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Re: Hurricanes ARE Necessary [Re: Random Chaos]
      #63543 - Fri Nov 11 2005 08:29 PM

This Idea solves everything.


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